Designers - Are you ready to learn Shopify & charge 5k+ per website? Get started with my Shopify Launch Checklist.

Amplify Shopify is an online course that will teach you how to design & launch Shopify websites quickly without custom coding and start working with bigger budget clients. Don't miss a thing with this checklist!

With this course you will learn how to:
- set clients up on a platform built for growth.
- design & install beautiful ecommerce websites without custom coding
- charge more per project
- provide a seamless brand to web experience.

"I've been able to raise my prices quite significantly. I'm taking on projects that are more than double the original budget of my previous clients because 1) my value is more and 2) higher-end clients are attracted to this new service I've added."

- Carli Egbert

"After taking the course, I felt like an expert and now book $8k+ websites! Now I've rebranded my business as an ecommerce designer and I'm getting a steady stream of Shopify leads!"

- Shelley Easter

"Once I started taking the course I booked a website for my highest amount yet! It was great to build the site and have the course available to help me pull it together. I also feel confident marketing myself as a Shopify web builder now and would like to focus on this even more going forward.

- Rachelle

Maybe you are wondering, why Shopify?

Business owners Love IT & want it.

Product based biz owners are actively seeking designers who know Shopify. Even if you are comfortable on Squarespace or Wordpress, biz owners want Shopify. The time to learn the platform is now!

cloud hosted, Secure & 24/7

No annoying software upkeeps = a happy client! Shopify is cloud hosted and offers 24/7 support so if any issues arise with the client's site, they can reach out to Shopify, which mean less headache for you!

Product based clients have bigger budgets

Product based businesses know their website is their work horse & and really value their websites. Also, product based businesses usually need more build out on the branding side too (packaging, biz cards, etc.).

Start earning passive income without adding more to your schedule

Shopify's affiliate program allows you to make money each month for the lifetime of the store (up to $200 a month per store if they are a Shopify Plus client). After you setup 7 stores you can start making passive income on autopilot! I currently make $700 a month and growing!

Set up clients on aN easy solid solution

Shopify is user-friendly which makes hand off incredibly easy! The days of having a client texting you in the middle of the night because their site crashed or they can't figure something out are gone. Clients can easily manage their websites. Also, Shopify is heavily documented so there are endless resources, manuals, videos and forums  full of ways for biz owners to grow.

Increase Store functionalities Easily through the App Store

Shopify's app store allows for you to help your client expand the functionality of the store without custom development. In the course I list my favorite apps for the most common functionality requests from clients such as newsletter popups, subscription boxes, and more so you are never in the dark of how to help clients. I also share resources for custom tweaks!

"Now I feel more confident in my client process. I now know how to work with a Shopify client from start to finish. I was able to book my first client while still working through the course! The course helped me feel confident in selling Shopify websites to my clients"

- Brittney Anderson

Hi! I'm Morgan Rapp.

I own a six-figure branding and design agency have been around the block when it comes to platforms... and Shopify is my favorite. I've been a Shopify expert since 2014 and it has completely transformed my business. Until I went all in on niching in Shopify, my income was stuck. I felt like I just couldn't scale without taking on more clients, and I was already burned out without any more time to give. Then I decided to go all in on Shopify and in took my business to six figures and started charging 10k+ consistently for Shopify websites. I always have a steady lead of clients, make more and there's no looking back.

Now I am here to teach you how you can start doing the same. Learning Shopify is what allowed me to attract bigger budget clients and scale my business. I 100% believe that Shopify is the best solution for ecommerce brands that want to grow. So are you ready to dive in and start standing out from the sea of designers?